Keyword Call Tracking Included In Tognetti’s Marketing Services

With more new marketing techniques and tools springing up in recent years, it can sometimes seem like one term – keyword call tracking – is being heard less often in digital marketing circles, with the focus falling on social media platforms, keywords and online advertising.

But despite its possible fall in popularity, keyword call tracking continues to be a potentially important part of a company’s marketing plan. That’s why Jeff Tognetti is offering keyword call tracking as part of his agency specific services on his newest website,

Keyword call tracking is an intersection between call tracking (which examines buyer responses to offline marketing via telephone) and keyword tracking (which examines online responses to online marketing efforts). Since more and more people are likely to shop online but then make a purchase or follow up for information via a phone call in today’s society, a tool to that could track this new development was necessary. That tool is keyword call tracking.

Keyword call tracking has evolved as a technique that allows marketers to link phone calls made after visiting a website with the keywords that were used to access that website. How does it all work? Call tracking basically assigns a number of select phone numbers to your business; as part of the set-up and use of a call tracking service, these phone numbers are then assigned to website visitors: different numbers appear on a website depending on what keyword that visitor uses to get to the website.

This means that when a call comes in, marketers can reference the phone number that a website visitor has dialed and find out just what keywords that website user used to get to their website. The data from these calls can then be tracked in various online analytics tools.

Keyword call tracking fits perfectly into Tognetti’s agency service package, as this technique allows a marketer to measure how well keywords are working in organic, paid (or PPC), and other search results, thereby measuring the effectiveness of their efforts and how certain keywords are influencing their target audience.

When used properly, keyword call tracking reveals more about a company’s callers, loyal shoppers and fans than just off- and online marketing. However, just like with PPC ads,  keyword call tracking needs to be used in a very specific way – otherwise search engines may not even recognize your data!

Jeff Tognetti’s hope is to help agencies avoid the difficulties of faulty keyword call tracking; plus, by offering full marketing service packages, not only do has clients get working call tracking projects; they in fact could get a fully optimized campaign featuring keywords, PPC ads, tracking – and even more features, as we’ll continue to discuss in upcoming blog posts.