Jeff Tognetti’s Marketing Agency Package Includes PPC Services

Jeff Tognetti’s newest website,, is an important tool in his digital marketing arsenal; this website is the front line for DealerX, a digital marketing boutique located in Edgewater, NJ. This company, run by Tognetti, specializes in making auto dealers more visible online., however, is not only the landing page for his main business – it is also the site where Tognetti is making various services of his available to a variety of agencies – such as developing responsive websites.

Responsive websites are only one of the tools Tognetti is offering to agencies. Another part of his agency specific services includes offering premium pay-per-click services and packages. But what do pay-per-click services entail?

Pay-per-click advertising (or PPC ads) is one of the more cost-effective online advertising options, since – just like the name suggestions – you only pay per the number of times a viewer clicks on your ad and visits your website. This type of advertising allows businesses to make themselves visible in a number of ways; for example, the “Sponsored Links” section listed on the top and side bars of major search engines, like Google and Yahoo!, are all Pay-Per-Click ads.

However, not only do these ads appear on popular websites: they also appear specifically in front of people living in certain areas, who meet certain demographic requirements, and who are looking for keywords similar to what are included in an ad, product and services.

This means that pay-per-click advertising can help you reach just the right people in even a very small area, something traditional advertising has always struggled with. Small, local businesses in particular can appreciate the narrow customer targeting that PPC ads offers.

There is, however, a catch: search engines love to refine the algorithms that decide which ads appear the most frequently, or where (i.e. the top, side or bottom of a page). It’s not enough to just run an ad; a marketer needs to be able to adjust and optimize the ads they run to get the best results possible. They also need to constantly monitor the market and understand how to adjust the keywords they are using in their ad to optimize results in that market.

Another problem is that many businesses that run successful ad campaigns fail when the ads do not take customers to the proper place. Anything from a broken link to a poorly designed webpage can render a click completely useless if a site visitor does not take the desired action.

This is part of why Jeff Tognetti has begun offering his services to agencies. Tognetti has over 10 years of experience as a digital marketer; PPC ad optimization is truly a daily part of his job. By offering PPCs as part of an agency package, Tognetti is also ensuring that all businesses – not just his clients – have access to the tools they need to run a successful, cost effective digital marketing campaign in the 21st century. His packages offer everything from web design to PPC maximization, ensuring that not only are his PPC ads viewed – full action is also taken once a visitor goes wherever that viewed ad may take them.

While ads can help a business get noticed by their target audience, they’re not the only way for a business to build their online search ranking. Stay tuned to learn still more about the other services offered through Jeff Tognetti’s agency packages!


Tognetti’s Techniques And Tools Now Available For Agencies To Use

Jeff Tognetti’s newest website,, is an important tool in his digital marketing arsenal; this website is the front line for DealerX, a digital marketing boutique run by Tognetti that specializes in making auto dealers more visible online. is important because it highlights a number of tools that Tognetti is making available to agencies, which will in turn allow other agencies to improve their own clients’ results.

Tognetti launched this site to offer agencies a full suite of cutting edge digital solutions; depending on a client’s need, they could purchase either one package or use each of the services offered on via DealerX:


Each package offers a different benefit to a client in the digital marketing world:

Responsive websites allow clients to creative responsive web sites, i.e. sites built to look great on your tablet, your phone, or your wide screen monitor.

Premium PPCs, or Pay Per Click Ads via Google and Bing, give clients the best visibility via advertising

Keyword call tracking identifies the best keywords that a client should use – best meaning the most likely to get people to pick up the phone.

Web Analytics will help a company know what’s working, what needs to be improved on, and who in their target audience they need to reach out to even more

Data driven marketing solutions – a combination of collecting and connecting large amounts of data – allow clients to analyze and gain insight into the audience and market they are working in.

Additionally, Tognetti’s tools allow agencies to implement each program or package while maintaining a client’s original branding and relationships; this smooth integration results in a better campaign overall.

Any one of these tools will give an agency a competitive edge; combining these suite tools and using them in a comprehensive marketing plan, however, would be ideal and would surely result in extremely positive results. Tognetti’s packages also allow clients to offer a discounted rate structure of products and services as well as “mark up” select product offerings.

Stay tuned to read more about how each part of this suite actually works, and how these five tools would benefit any agency that uses them.

Tognetti’s Business Websites Merge Into One

Things are changing for Jeff Tognetti’s businesses.

The number of things Tognetti has involved himself with are quite high. As a result, the number of websites out there related to these projects were also once quite high.

It’s not surprising; after all, as of early 2013 Tognetti was in charge of two digital marketing boutiques – MediaRevo and DealerX. Both offered the exact same services; the only difference was that DealerX focused on automobiles.

In addition to this, Tognetti’s other projects included WordPress Dealer, which also had its own site. And then, in late 2013, came onto the scene.

That meant that as of 2013, Jeff Tognetti had four business- and tool-related websites out there. Their only true connection was Tognetti himself – none of the websites really connected to each other, though. The result was a semi-chaotic network of marketing websites, all under Tognetti’s eye but none truly linking together and highlighting his strongest selling points.

As of October 2013, that has changed. MediaRevo and DealerX’s old website links now forward users directly to, Tognetti’s newest business project. The website also new sports the logo from DealerX, Tognetti’s autodealer-focused digital marketing boutique.


It’s clear that after 10 years of business management and working with a wide variety of clients, Tognetti has chosen to focus on autodealers while continuing to offer some services to agencies.

Digital marketing for autodealers has always been Tognetti’s specialty, a much needed service in the auto world. Combining all of his services into one site, rather than trying to promote three at once, is a smart strategy that can only help his business overall by giving it a stronger, more unified presence online. It will be interesting to see how Tognetti’s businesses continue to grow down the line, especially now that he has chosen to focus on his specialty in the digital marketing world.

WellMade Project Launch Successful, Program Picking Up Speed

In August 2013, the Fair Wear Foundation initiated the launch of its WellMade Project; as events were created offline, the organization simultaneously began uploading materials to, the URL that Jeff Tognetti donated to the program earlier in 2013.

Remember, the Fair Wear Foundation is dedicated to enhancing workers’ lives all over the world; its mission specifically focuses on improving labor conditions in the garment industry, and it primarily works overseas.

The WellMade Project, while just one branch of the Fair Wear Foundation’s work, takes the organization’s initiatives to a whole new level by offering legal information and support in an entirely free online library that can be accessed by anyone with Internet; combine this free source of information with planned seminars across Europe, and you have a massive undertaking on your hands.

Fortunately, the Fair Wear Foundation was ready for this massive project to launch. Since its launch, the WellMade Project has received waves of praise and hosted multiple informational events for those involved in the various levels of the garment industry. Here is a brief overview of the timeline of events that have occurred since earlier this summer:

  • The first sessions held by WellMade met at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin in July, even before the website launched.
  • Four WellMade sessions were also held at the MINT fair during Amsterdam Fashion Week, where volunteers spoke to business owners directly about their responsibilities in the modern’s world labor supply chain.
  • Project volunteers and staff members attended the Pure London #34; during this  fashion trade show, WellMade representatives continued to speak to fashion designers and others involved in the business.
  • Just last month, the WellMade Project booth made an appearance at the Munich Fabric Start, a trade show for textiles, accessories and trims, before traveling to the London Garments Expo and Texworld Paris.

The Fair Wear Foundation is currently promoting their WellMade project at fashion shows, conventions and more. See them in action at their Facebook page! Image courtesy of

Currently, the WellMade Project is preparing for a January session at PSI Messe Düsseldorf, a European trade show that will surely welcome them the same way others have.

While of course speaking to representatives at these sorts of events will continue to be an important goal in the months to come, the WellMade Project has also made media appearances, ensuring that they are visible to both the public and the business sector’s eyes. The WellMade Project Facebook page reports that members of the project have spoken on various radio shows, and news articles have appeared online about the project and its mother group as well.

And of course, as all of this is happening, materials and information are continuing to be collected on the WellMade Project’s online library, at the URL donated by Jeff Tognetti earlier this year. This online website continues to be just as important as the information sessions, seeing as many people (particularly in the general public) cannot and will not attend the sessions at various trade shows. While not as loud as the actual sessions being carried out, it cannot be ignored, and the way that it was obtained and put to good use should not be forgotten. Helping Car Dealers Become Visible Online

In a previous post, we mentioned that one of the banners on reads, “Every click counts.” This is certainly true; it’s why Jeff Tognetti and his staff work to ensure that the data driven marketing campaigns they develop for their car dealer clients in particular are as refined as possible – to ensure that the right people are seeing the right ads at the right time.

But with so many great features being made available via the new platform and website, such as the Website Development feature, it’s easy to forget the number one step in any marketing campaign: increasing visibility.

This is no small feat when dealing with the Internet; there are tens of millions of websites, blogs and portals dedicated to the auto industry alone. Across those websites and countless blogs are billions of similar keywords and keyword phrases, many of which are describing, reviewing or trying to sell cars, parts and services – just like Tognetti’s clients.

Fortunately, Tognetti and his team know exactly how to make their clients as visible as possible on Google, Bing or Yahoo. The trick is in SEO marketing, or search engine optimization marketing, which Tognetti and his team utilize very effectively.

When helping clients optimize their website and social platforms for SEO purposes, Tognetti and his team turn to their WordPress powered platform, WPDLR. This platform actually allows for various 3rd party integration of SEO plug-ins, all tried and tested across millions of other websites. WPDLR ensures that the content for a client of Tognetti’s is properly detailed across every page of their site, something that matters quite a bit when dealing with search engines. Making sure that the correct information and content is used ultimately ensures that the precise information that search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and more need to improve the display of search results is submitted and live, making it easier for people using these search engines to find the right web pages – i.e. the ones belonging to Tognetti’s clients.

By combining the use of WPDLR with, Tognetti can truly promise his car dealer clients a better, smoother service – one that is more effective while also saving money in the long run.

Exploring’s Dealer Websites Feature, business owner Jeff Tognetti’s newest website and side project, is just the latest in a line of tools that Tognetti uses on a regular basis to improve marketing results for his clients – particularly his car dealing client. Why specialize in car dealing? Because it’s a strong belief of Tognetti’s that car dealerships do not use data and data driven marketing to their full potential, resulting in a loss of potential profit from both new and return clients. To help car dealerships overcome this challenge, Tognetti uses a combination of marketing skills and tools such as, all of which help clients stand out in their digital crowd.

When looking for ways in which sets itself apart from other marketing tools that car dealers can utilize, look no further than the “Dealer Websites” feature. This new feature offers clients of Tognetti’s a variety of options regarding what sorts of extra tools and tabs can be added to a webpage – and all of these options are designed to help improve that car dealer’s business.

For example: this snapshot from highlights how Tognetti and his team can edit and create pages for dealer’s websites that offer everything from an easy-to-browse directory of available cars to the ability to make a payment on that car online. And, because Tognetti and his team design the page or even entire website, it’s already set up to enhance a client’s SEO and to capture accurate data for analytics and advertising.


Screenshot of taken on 7/24/13

Other nifty tabs that this website tool offers to clients includes:

  • a section dedicated to offering coupons to new and returning customers alike
  • a staff tab that allows a dealer to add photos and contact information for all of their employees
  • a special deal page that allows clients to offer deals any time they choose
  • a lease payment calculator that will calculate and display lease payments, finance payments, interest rate specials and sale prices on any vehicle in your inventory that matches criteria you establish

This feature is only one highlight in the array of services offered by and the minds behind it. Combined with the hard work and strategies Tognetti and his team of marketing and sales experts utilize, this website and platform will certainly prove its worth to clients of Tognetti’s in the coming months.

What Is Car Dealer Marketing?

At what point does a person – especially successful business owners – decide that they have enough on their plate?

Many business leaders opt to focus all of their efforts on a singular company at first, eventually branching off later when the company is well-established; Jeff Tognetti, however, decided to start two simultaneously. And to this day, he keeps his plate extremely full between MediaRevo, DealerX, and WPDLR – two companies and a constantly evolving software platform that needs to be overseen and maintained as it operates. It’s amazing to consider that he even has the time to take up an additional project.

But he does. Always striving for bigger and – more importantly – better marketing results, Jeff Tognetti and his staff took the time to invest in yet another site that will enhance the work they do for MediaRevo and DealerX’s clients.

If you go to, you’ll receive this message: “Welcome to the beta version of this site. Stay tuned for the final version launching August 1st.”


Screenshot of taken on 7/17/13

“Every click counts,” reads one banner on the website. “Service is the bread and butter of everyone dealership,” another banner on the site continues.

The multiple banners strung together over the front of explain that the site has been made to help dealers better address a key part of their customer base: people returning for service and parts.

Many car dealer services are ignoring this crucial part of their make-up, focusing too much on sales and not enough on keeping their buyers coming back to the dealership for all of their car maintenance needs. will fix this problem and assist Tognetti’s clients by helping them focus on several key parts of a good dealership marketing plan, including addressing the need to drive actual sales while ensuring that targeted buyers continue to come back to the dealership for all of their service needs. The all-purposes marketing plan and platform the site’s services will offer should actually drive the total cost per car sold down and help dealers sell more cars.

Stay tuned to find out exactly how this will occur; our next post will explore exactly how will enhance the work Jeff Tognetti and his staff does for their clients.