Behind The Scenes: Making DealerX Possible


The last post discussed DealerX in-depth; in summary:

  • DealerX is only one of several businesses founded and operated by Jeff Tognetti.
  • DealerX is a digital marketing company that focuses specifically on helping autodealers use cutting edge data-driven digital advertising techniques.
  • DealerX is unusual in the automotive world in that it relies heavily on data – far more than many other automotive businesses do – to target an extremely specific demographic.
  • DealerX’s process as “ultraconcise” – its use of data allows its marketers and designers to develop everything they need and to target the right people with the right ads at the right time.

It is important to note, though, that while DealerX is made possible by Jeff Tognetti – who even holds sole proprietorship over the company – one of the major the driving forces behind DealerX is its staff. And while data, fancy software, strange algorithms, and insight into the workings of Google may seem to be what makes or breaks any marketing company, DealerX utilizes its staff just as much as its resources.

Tognetti and his staff are the people who answer phone calls at any time of the day (or night); they are the people who stay and work a weekend shift to finish a last-minute assignment. Without DealerX’s staff, no one would have coded the software, designed the ultraconcise data strategy, or wrote the strange algorithm driving DealerX’s services.

In summary, DealerX is a collective of curated digital solutions tailored to the automotive world; its success lies in that it doesn’t try to be all things to all buyers but instead focuses on one type of client. And ultimately when it comes to DealerX – and how Tognetti does business – it’s all about the data, as well as the right staff.

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DealerX Starts Small, Becomes Well-Established Data Driven Company

Jeff Tognetti works as a strategist at multiple companies that he helped develop and found. One of these companies is DealerX, a digital marketing company that focuses specifically on helping autodealers. DealerX uses cutting edge data-driven digital advertising and helps car dealers in America by working primarily with RTB, known as real time bidding.

“Basically what we do is we look at people who are in the market for specific cars, and we buy their cookies, we overlap data on top of it,” Tognetti has explained in interviews such as this one. “As they go from website to website [on their computer or phone] our platform sees them, and we put an ad in front of them for exactly what it is that they’re looking for based on data.”

Tognetti uses this practice – and others – to enhance the business of Media Revo and DealerX’s clients, which have brought more than  $2 billion for their client’s businesses as of 2012.

As we’ve highlighted in past updates, DealerX is a bit unusual in the automotive world because of its approach to digital marketing. Thanks to his years of experience in the business world, Tognetti knew when DealerX began that the company would need to do things a little differently to stand out as an automotive marketing business.

During an interview at the 14th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition in Orlando, FL., Tognetti explained that DealerX relies heavily on data, far more than many other automotive businesses do. He was referring to the way that DealerX uses data to target an extremely specific demographic. The problem, Tognetti said in the interview, is that not enough people know exactly how to use data to their advantage when reaching out to clients and customers. While some businesses use data constantly to reach the right people with the right ads – and do so well at this that Target actually famously predicted a girl was pregnant –  the auto industry overall has not caught onto this trend.

DealerX uses data to its advantage by capturing information on its clients and building a digital profile based entirely on a person’s data. The system works so well that DealerX’s platforms and software can also help people remember certain steps they need to take in maintaining their vehicles – for example, a person who buys a car and who has a profile with DealerX could have a coupon for an oil change appear in their online advertising six months after buying their car. Tognetti describes the process as “ultraconcise” – data can allow marketers to develop everything they need and to target the right people with the right ads at the right time.