Why Use A Responsive Website?

With the launch of Cardealermarketing.com has come a great opportunity for marketing agencies. Through this website, digital marketer Jeff Tognetti is offering agencies a full suite of cutting edge digital solutions to help them improve their clients’ online marketing results.

One of the features offered via Cardealermarketing.com is the development of responsive websites. But what is a responsive website?

Responsive websites are websites designed specifically to give any user the best experience on that website, from any device. This means that by design, a responsive website will be viewable and functional on any number of devices, including:

This ability to view a responsive website on multiple technological platforms sets a responsive website apart from a normal run-of-the-mill website. What makes the responsive website design work across platforms is its inclusion and use of “media queries” – codes that allow a website to call up different views of a website based on the width of a viewer’s device’s width. Because of this code, whether someone is holding a mobile phone or relaxing on the couch with their laptop, a responsive website looks just as good on either device. The coding used in responsive websites is becoming more and more important as more and more of the general public begins surfing the web and making connections via their mobile device, all while expecting websites to look just as amazing on their phone or tablet as they do on a full screen computer.

Some people would argue that they could just as easily make multiple websites for multiple platforms, or that all they need to do is shrink their website’s text and images to naturally fit onto a smart phone. But at the end of the day, neither of these tricks will do a marketer any favors, and will in fact make it harder for a marketer to keep viewers on their website. Meanwhile, responsive websites will ensure that viewers are not driven away due to poor visibility or confusion over which website they need to access.

By using a responsive website a marketer can ensure that potential customers always view the company’s online presence at their best. They are a powerful tool – but not the only tool; as Jeff Tognetti’s website shows, a responsive website is just the beginning of what he has to offer to help agencies improve their clients’ results.


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