Tognetti’s Business Websites Merge Into One

Things are changing for Jeff Tognetti’s businesses.

The number of things Tognetti has involved himself with are quite high. As a result, the number of websites out there related to these projects were also once quite high.

It’s not surprising; after all, as of early 2013 Tognetti was in charge of two digital marketing boutiques – MediaRevo and DealerX. Both offered the exact same services; the only difference was that DealerX focused on automobiles.

In addition to this, Tognetti’s other projects included WordPress Dealer, which also had its own site. And then, in late 2013, came onto the scene.

That meant that as of 2013, Jeff Tognetti had four business- and tool-related websites out there. Their only true connection was Tognetti himself – none of the websites really connected to each other, though. The result was a semi-chaotic network of marketing websites, all under Tognetti’s eye but none truly linking together and highlighting his strongest selling points.

As of October 2013, that has changed. MediaRevo and DealerX’s old website links now forward users directly to, Tognetti’s newest business project. The website also new sports the logo from DealerX, Tognetti’s autodealer-focused digital marketing boutique.


It’s clear that after 10 years of business management and working with a wide variety of clients, Tognetti has chosen to focus on autodealers while continuing to offer some services to agencies.

Digital marketing for autodealers has always been Tognetti’s specialty, a much needed service in the auto world. Combining all of his services into one site, rather than trying to promote three at once, is a smart strategy that can only help his business overall by giving it a stronger, more unified presence online. It will be interesting to see how Tognetti’s businesses continue to grow down the line, especially now that he has chosen to focus on his specialty in the digital marketing world.


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