WellMade Project Launch Successful, Program Picking Up Speed

In August 2013, the Fair Wear Foundation initiated the launch of its WellMade Project; as events were created offline, the organization simultaneously began uploading materials to www.wellmade.org, the URL that Jeff Tognetti donated to the program earlier in 2013.

Remember, the Fair Wear Foundation is dedicated to enhancing workers’ lives all over the world; its mission specifically focuses on improving labor conditions in the garment industry, and it primarily works overseas.

The WellMade Project, while just one branch of the Fair Wear Foundation’s work, takes the organization’s initiatives to a whole new level by offering legal information and support in an entirely free online library that can be accessed by anyone with Internet; combine this free source of information with planned seminars across Europe, and you have a massive undertaking on your hands.

Fortunately, the Fair Wear Foundation was ready for this massive project to launch. Since its launch, the WellMade Project has received waves of praise and hosted multiple informational events for those involved in the various levels of the garment industry. Here is a brief overview of the timeline of events that have occurred since earlier this summer:

  • The first sessions held by WellMade met at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin in July, even before the website launched.
  • Four WellMade sessions were also held at the MINT fair during Amsterdam Fashion Week, where volunteers spoke to business owners directly about their responsibilities in the modern’s world labor supply chain.
  • Project volunteers and staff members attended the Pure London #34; during this  fashion trade show, WellMade representatives continued to speak to fashion designers and others involved in the business.
  • Just last month, the WellMade Project booth made an appearance at the Munich Fabric Start, a trade show for textiles, accessories and trims, before traveling to the London Garments Expo and Texworld Paris.

The Fair Wear Foundation is currently promoting their WellMade project at fashion shows, conventions and more. See them in action at their Facebook page! Image courtesy of commons.wikipedia.org.

Currently, the WellMade Project is preparing for a January session at PSI Messe Düsseldorf, a European trade show that will surely welcome them the same way others have.

While of course speaking to representatives at these sorts of events will continue to be an important goal in the months to come, the WellMade Project has also made media appearances, ensuring that they are visible to both the public and the business sector’s eyes. The WellMade Project Facebook page reports that members of the project have spoken on various radio shows, and news articles have appeared online about the project and its mother group as well.

And of course, as all of this is happening, materials and information are continuing to be collected on the WellMade Project’s online library, at the URL donated by Jeff Tognetti earlier this year. This online website continues to be just as important as the information sessions, seeing as many people (particularly in the general public) cannot and will not attend the sessions at various trade shows. While not as loud as the actual sessions being carried out, it cannot be ignored, and the way that it was obtained and put to good use should not be forgotten.


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