Exploring Cardealermarketing.com’s Dealer Websites Feature

Cardealermarketing.com, business owner Jeff Tognetti’s newest website and side project, is just the latest in a line of tools that Tognetti uses on a regular basis to improve marketing results for his clients – particularly his car dealing client. Why specialize in car dealing? Because it’s a strong belief of Tognetti’s that car dealerships do not use data and data driven marketing to their full potential, resulting in a loss of potential profit from both new and return clients. To help car dealerships overcome this challenge, Tognetti uses a combination of marketing skills and tools such as cardealermarketing.com, all of which help clients stand out in their digital crowd.

When looking for ways in which cardealermarketing.com sets itself apart from other marketing tools that car dealers can utilize, look no further than the “Dealer Websites” feature. This new feature offers clients of Tognetti’s a variety of options regarding what sorts of extra tools and tabs can be added to a webpage – and all of these options are designed to help improve that car dealer’s business.

For example: this snapshot from cardealermarketing.com highlights how Tognetti and his team can edit and create pages for dealer’s websites that offer everything from an easy-to-browse directory of available cars to the ability to make a payment on that car online. And, because Tognetti and his team design the page or even entire website, it’s already set up to enhance a client’s SEO and to capture accurate data for analytics and advertising.


Screenshot of cardealermarketing.com taken on 7/24/13

Other nifty tabs that this website tool offers to clients includes:

  • a section dedicated to offering coupons to new and returning customers alike
  • a staff tab that allows a dealer to add photos and contact information for all of their employees
  • a special deal page that allows clients to offer deals any time they choose
  • a lease payment calculator that will calculate and display lease payments, finance payments, interest rate specials and sale prices on any vehicle in your inventory that matches criteria you establish

This feature is only one highlight in the array of services offered by cardealermarketing.com and the minds behind it. Combined with the hard work and strategies Tognetti and his team of marketing and sales experts utilize, this website and platform will certainly prove its worth to clients of Tognetti’s in the coming months.


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