How will work?, the newest website developed by Jeff Tognetti and his staff, was designed to help dealers better address a key part of their customer base: people returning for service and parts. According to Tognetti himself, many car dealer services are ignoring this crucial part of their make-up, focusing too much on sales and not enough on keeping their buyers coming back to the dealership for all of their car maintenance needs.


Screenshot of taken on 7/22/13

Tognetti’s data driven marketing strategies have always focused on addressing this need; now will take the work he and his staff do for their clients to the next level. and the services and software available through it will work together to address all of the parts of a good dealership marketing plan, driving actual sales while ensuring that targeted buyers continue to come back to the dealership for all of their service needs.

Currently, Tognetti and his staff already use data from local consumers to develop the proper ads for either used or new cars. Using Data, Ad-tech and Cookies, Tognetti and his team put a special car offer in front a of an per-determined and interested prospect while he or she is web browsing. Tognetti and his team do this by leveraging millions of data points (including credit report, household income, number of children, current car ownership, in-market browsing habits and more!) and using these points to build a digital profile of the shoppers most likely to go to a specific dealership.

The platform then obtains the “browser cookies” of prospects who best match a desired digital profile and attaches a “digital flag” to them. As potential prospects surf the web, the digital flag is located and a custom ad is built, an auction takes place and if Tognetti’s team wins, their client’s ad is shown to a potential shopper in real time online. Then, when a data-targeted prospect clicks on the banner ad customized for them, Tognetti’s platform tracks and captures as much information as possible about them.

But the work of Tognetti and his team does not end there. They also use their resources, like, to put a newly customized banner ad right in front of shoppers who leave a website without taking the action they’d hoped that individual would take; often this second round of advertising successfully brings individuals back, and greatly increases the chances of success overall during the campaign.

Whether they get an interested shopper on the first or second try, from there, once a customer is in, Tognetti and his team have even more work to do. While most dealerships do not continue data driven marketing efforts with current customers, Tognetti and his team recognize the importance of keeping past customers involved and on board long-term. With this goal in mind, the team can use the same data techniques described above to ensure that as a newly purchased car is due for an oil change, inspection and so forth, and ad appears on their screen again offering a special deal for that service at the local dealership.

Using these described techniques,’s services should actually drive the total cost per car sold down and help dealers sell more cars to the right people. With additional services offered by the site and through Tognetti’s team – such as SEO, social marketing, website analytics, and even a multitude of website features – any car dealers who sign up for these services will definitely like the results of any marketing efforts by Tognetti and his team.


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