What Is Car Dealer Marketing?

At what point does a person – especially successful business owners – decide that they have enough on their plate?

Many business leaders opt to focus all of their efforts on a singular company at first, eventually branching off later when the company is well-established; Jeff Tognetti, however, decided to start two simultaneously. And to this day, he keeps his plate extremely full between MediaRevo, DealerX, and WPDLR – two companies and a constantly evolving software platform that needs to be overseen and maintained as it operates. It’s amazing to consider that he even has the time to take up an additional project.

But he does. Always striving for bigger and – more importantly – better marketing results, Jeff Tognetti and his staff took the time to invest in yet another site that will enhance the work they do for MediaRevo and DealerX’s clients.

If you go to cardealermarketing.com, you’ll receive this message: “Welcome to the beta version of this site. Stay tuned for the final version launching August 1st.”


Screenshot of cardealermarketing.com taken on 7/17/13

“Every click counts,” reads one banner on the website. “Service is the bread and butter of everyone dealership,” another banner on the site continues.

The multiple banners strung together over the front of Cardealermarketing.com explain that the site has been made to help dealers better address a key part of their customer base: people returning for service and parts.

Many car dealer services are ignoring this crucial part of their make-up, focusing too much on sales and not enough on keeping their buyers coming back to the dealership for all of their car maintenance needs. Cardealermarketing.com will fix this problem and assist Tognetti’s clients by helping them focus on several key parts of a good dealership marketing plan, including addressing the need to drive actual sales while ensuring that targeted buyers continue to come back to the dealership for all of their service needs. The all-purposes marketing plan and platform the site’s services will offer should actually drive the total cost per car sold down and help dealers sell more cars.

Stay tuned to find out exactly how this will occur; our next post will explore exactly how Cardealermarketing.com will enhance the work Jeff Tognetti and his staff does for their clients.


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