What Is WPDLR?

Jeff Tognetti is not just the founder of two companies; he also developed and now oversees, monitors and uses a mobile WordPress platform known as WordPress Dealer, or WPDLR, that helps drive his business.

If you go to the WPDLR website, this will be the first thing you see:


The WPDLR software and platform is the base for much of what Jeff Tognetti and the staff at his two companies do for their clients. WPDLR is built on the wildly successful WordPress open source framework, which makes up over 26% of the websites currently on the Internet. By its very design, WPDLR is mobile-ready. Even better, WordPress is open source: there are literally millions of developers world-wide continuing development for the site, which keeps WPDLR on the cutting edge of modern day data driven marketing operations and designs, all without depleting any of Tognetti’s firms’ resources.

WPDLR is highly integrated into the work that Jeff Tognetti does through his two companies (MediaRevo and DealerX). A number of Tognetti’s clients, including Volkswagen of America, have used WPDLR as the website provider for a range of various things, from special promotions to daily operations. Volkswagen of America most recently used WDPLR for the rollout of their WorldAuto Certified Preowned program. The company needed a solution that provided a website for each of their existing U.S. dealers while accommodating their website design – in other words, they needed a platform that could target both their national and local demographics.

WPDLR was chosen for this task for its ability to sort a national inventory of vehicles geographically across multiple sites, all while integrating with online advertising campaigns, social media platforms and dealer websites. By working directly with the online advertising campaigns, the WPDLR platform could begin generating ads matched to vehicles, putting vehicles in front of the shoppers who were looking for them.

This may sound familiar, given how Tognetti has described how he drives the marketing and sales of his two companies. There is a reason this is Tognetti’s chosen mode of operation: his models get things done and are extremely effective ways to run data driven marketing campaigns and strategies.

More details about how WPDLR helped Volkswagen of America can be found here.

*Image: Screenshot taken of wpdlr.com on 7/12/13


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