What Is Media Revo?

One cannot talk about Jeff Tognetti’s DealerX company without talking about MediaRevo. MediaRevo came before DealerX; it began in 2003 as a two-person company. One of those people was Jeff Tognetti, the company owner.


Impressively, MediaRevo has expanded into an accomplished and respected digital firm that, like DealerX, uses a data-driven platform to successfully run all of it and its clients’ operations. Based in Edgewater, NJ, the company is currently staffed with almost 50 employees.

MediaRevo is committed to delivering cutting edge and savvy digital marketing solutions based on enthusiasm for what the company does: it provides excellent marketing services to its clients through a combination of:

  • Maintaining and updating their web and mobile presence
  • Offering social media marketing and reputation management
  • Utilizing video merchandising
  • Setting up Search Engine Optimization
  • Providing analytics (i.e. tracking, lead matching, ect.)

MediaRevo strives to always be a trusted extension of its clients’ sales team, producing results that directly and positively impact their business objectives; it accomplishes this goal by having a real understanding of the issues that affect both the company’s clients and their customers.

Thanks to an unwavering commitment to technological innovation, financial responsibility and the entrepreneurial spirit, MediaRevo’s services have touched millions of consumers every year. As of 2012, MediaRevo has helped its clients achieve over $2.6 billion in sales collectively. The company has had the privilege of working with a wide range of clients that include Volkswagen USA, various luxury retailers and up and coming brands requiring a niche’ digital firms expertise.

*Image courtesy of conversationmarketing.com


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