Tognetti Hopes To Start Education Charity, Help Students Explore Career Options

Education is an extremely important cause and topic of discussion in America; a quick search on Charity Navigator reveals just how many organizations and charities are committed to donating to educational facilities or nonprofits. Unfortunately, currently many people are concerned about the state of education in the country (and rightly so) and are wondering what they can do to help the youth that must navigate their way through what the majority considers to be a flawed education system.

Jeff Tognetti is hoping to play his part in making a difference in the education system by trying his hand at his own education charity, one that may be a little different from what people consider an “education charity.”

He hopes to create a charity that would provide services to young children or teenagers. How his would be set apart from others, however, is that his charity would aim to help children choose a “niche” to specialize in, even before applying to and entering college.

While still working out the logistics of exactly how this charity would operate, in theory, by offering students classes on specific topics, hosting field trips to different companies or work sites, and by organizing a variety of other interactive activities, children would explore the kind of work they could do and discover what they enjoy and where their biggest potential lies, be it in creative marketing or a more hands-on field such as plumbing.

This would be beneficial for young students in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Young adults who go to college unsure about what they want to major in or even study run the risk of staying in college longer as they make up any credits that they lose or cannot count towards their actual decided major during their freshman or sophomore years of college. By knowing in advance their passions and goals, students avoid the risk of wasting time – and may even be able to graduate earlier, saving themselves tuition money.
  • Students may discover that the course of study they are most interested in does not require a 2- or 4-year college degree. By taking up a trade that pays well but does not require a degree, youth could potentially begin a successful career path that does not require putting themselves steep in student loan debts.
  • Some students may even realize that by using alternative resources, they can educate themselves for free or at a very low cost while also getting into the business world and pursuing their passions, perhaps as business start-up owners or in any number of positions that often go unfilled.

Currently, the potential for a charity like this is massive and untapped; only time and further planning will reveal exactly what sort of good could come from a program like this. If his business continues to do well, Tognetti may very well make this vision of an unnamed education charity come true sooner rather than later.


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