Donated URL To Become Cornerstone For Online Library

Most people probably assume that when a well-to-do business person donates to charity, it’s not all about the good deed: it’s also about the tax write-off that comes with the donation. Of course, the best of the best will donate their time, money or efforts whether they get something back for their contribution or not – just ask Jeff Tognetti.

Earlier this year, Jeff Tognetti was approached by the Fair Wear Foundation with a request: would Tognetti be willing to donate a domain name he currently owned to the nonprofit?

Established in 1999, the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is a nonprofit that works with companies and factories to improve labor conditions for garment workers. The FWF’s hope when they contacted Tognetti was that he would transfer ownership of to the nonprofit; once under its control, the FWF would use this domain name to host a site dedicated to talking about one of their newest initiatives: the WellMade project.

The WellMade project’s overall goal, according to the FWF, will be to provide training to employees in the European apparel industry on pragmatic things they can do in their day-to-day work that support better working conditions in clothing factories. The project is being funded by the European Commission.

The FWF aims to use the URL specifically to house an online resource library that will bring together new and existing documents, films, and other materials that have been developed by the FWF and other project partners, including the Ethical Trading Initiative and Dutch trade union CNV. The hope is that library will host a diverse pool of educational information for employees on all levels from many different backgrounds, from designers to managers – available free of charge.

Due to a combination of factors, Tognetti soon learned after initially being asked to donate that if he donated the URL he owned to this organization so that they could use it to aid their cause, he would receive nothing back in terms of benefits – but this didn’t stop him from transferring ownership of the domain. Thanks to his generosity, a free pool of information for employees will soon be made available by the FWF.

Our next post will discuss the information the FWF hopes to put into this online library now that Jeff Tognetti has confirmed that they can use their desired domain name, as well as some of the finer details about the organization. Stay tuned!


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